Latest KM Tools Ltd. Press Releases

Fast fabrications from KMT help businesses meet project deadlines

16th November 2023

Sourcing quality steel fabrications on short lead times is a challenge for any construction or engineering project. To provide customers with a streamlined option, bespoke engineering business KMT supplies UKCA standard brackets, flanges and other structural elements suitable for farm, residential and commercial buildings.

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KMT launches high speed laser cutting service

8th August 2022

Sourcing complex fabrications on short lead times is always challenging, but KMT is offering a solution with its new laser cutting service for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Customers can now skip lengthy fabricator wait times, accessing high quality metal work faster than ever before.

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The journey to bespoke machinery

4th July 2022

Designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining bespoke machinery for production lines in demanding sectors such as automotive, rail and general industry may seem like a complex process.

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