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20th August 2020
Sulzer meets surging demand for boiler feed pumps in Argentina

Over the past 18 months, Sulzer has delivered a record of 70 large-capacity boiler feed pumps to customers in Argentina. The projects involved multiple customers and pumps were supplied for both new-build power stations and upgrade projects across the country. Sulzer was able to meet this demand by utilizing its network of manufacturing facilities across the world.

Energy costs are influenced by the running costs of power stations, which in turn is affected by the efficiency of the equipment used to generate the electricity. As more power stations are commissioned, the choices made at the design stage can affect performance and efficiency for many years.

Argentina’s diverse energy market is one of the most dynamic in Latin America, with significant ongoing investments in both renewable and conventional power generation. Recognizing the company’s decades of expertise in the design, manufacture as well as its support of specialist products for the sector, Sulzer pumps have become a popular choice for the country’s leading energy providers.

The exceptionally high number of orders came from a wide variety of sources, including both end users and their engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors. Most orders were for groups of three or four pumps, with some customers requiring multiple sets of pumps for different power plants.

Local engineering teams were able to meet the high demand across the region by utilizing Sulzer’s global manufacturing network. Boiler feed pumps for power stations are complex, precision-engineered products, with some modular pump designs incorporating up to 14 stages. Most pumps are manufactured to order, and on-time delivery was a critical requirement for end users and EPCs alike, who were working to tight project timescales.

Using its global presence and manufacturing footprint, Sulzer was able to deliver the large order of pumps to Argentina in the most efficient and effective way. On-site installation and commissioning were provided by local pump specialists from Argentina as well as Brazil, while colleagues from the USA supported the design and specification process for some customers.

The company’s success in the region demonstrates the advantage of combining global expertise with local manufacturing and product support, says Eduardo Rodriguez, Sales Leader in Argentina at Sulzer. “Many of the requests for pumps came from different customers, but all at a similar time. The extensive knowledge base across our global engineering network ensured that similar applications received the same technical solutions and that customers with multiple sites could benefit from common designs, reducing training and spare part requirements.”

“Many of these customers have used our products before, in Latin America and elsewhere in the world. They come back to Sulzer because they trust our technology, support and delivery performance,” he adds. “Our local manufacturing capabilities in the region are another important benefit. They helped us to meet demanding delivery schedules and allowed customers to audit our quality and testing procedures.”


Image 1: Sulzer’s boiler feed pumps have become a popular choice for Argentinian power plants

Image 2: Every pump was delivered with all the required instrumentation and commissioned with assistance from Sulzer personnel

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