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The CLPA launches latest digital innovation

03rd May 2023
The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has released an immersive 3D virtual experience that showcases how its open networking technologies support companies at every stage of their digital transformation. Automation device vendors, machine builders and end users, as well as anyone interested in the organisation’s technologies and industries served, can explore the latest solutions and development options.

Visit the CLPA’s new Virtual Presence at Explore the digital library, industry zones, product area and conference centre to find out more about the CLPA’s continuously evolving support for its members and end users.

At the forefront of technology advancements and following the mantra of “Open the Future of Connected Industries”, the CLPA is unlocking new opportunities and possibilities for players in the industrial automation sector. In line with this strategy, the organisation’s new Virtual Presence provides visitors with an innovative digital space to stay up to date, learn about vendor’s compatible solutions and explore new markets and end user applications.

The CLPA’s expansive digital experience allows visitors to engage and connect with the organisation and its partners as well as learn more about their products, technologies and solutions in an immersive and interactive way.

The 3D environment consists of multiple attractions. As soon as they enter the Virtual Presence, visitors can access a photo-realistic digital lobby with different portals to four main areas, all offering unprecedented accessibility to real-world replicas of automation components, production facilities and an interactive digital transformation guide. The virtual space also features an extensive exhibition space for partners as well as an auditorium for on-demand presentations and live conferences.

Across the entire environment, technical manuals, white papers, case studies, videos and other information will be available to look at. Available 24/7 from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the CLPA’s Virtual Presence combines some of the best aspects of the physical and virtual worlds, offering an enhanced experience of the organisation’s solutions.

John Browett, General Manager of CLPA Europe, comments: “Since our foundation, we have always been committed to driving future-oriented communications that enhance the competitiveness of our partners and end users. Our immersive, digital world is ideal to do that. We are delighted to bring this Virtual Presence to life, as it helps us and our members offer visitors meaningful tools to interact with the CLPA and our solutions, keep up with the latest innovations and get in touch with the right experts.”

Visit the CLPA’s immersive Virtual Presence at


Image 1: The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has released an immersive 3D Virtual Presence that showcases how its open networking technologies support companies at every stage of their digital transformation.

About The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)

The CLPA is an international organization founded in 2000, now celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Over the last 20 years, the CLPA has been dedicated to the technical development and promotion of the CC-Link open industrial network family. The CLPA’s key technology is CC-Link IE TSN, the world’s first open industrial Ethernet to combine gigabit bandwidth with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), making it the leading solution for Industry 4.0 applications. Currently the CLPA has over 4,100 corporate members worldwide, and more than 2,000 compatible products available from over 370 manufacturers. Around 38 million devices using CLPA technology are in use worldwide.

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